Help fund art, music, and other enrichment programs for our students.

Order ready to bake, pre-portioned cookie dough, cheesecakes, and other delicious snacks. Have you family and friends order too!

Submit your paper order forms and payment by Monday, November 14th. Please make sure the collection envelope is filled out completely and return them, along with payment, to the PTA box in the office. Make sure all checks are made payable to "Collins Elementary PTA."

Pick up your orders after school at the GLC alconve on December 19th (tentative date) .

Three Ways to Order

  1. Paper Form

Submit paper forms by Monday, November 14th in PTA box in office. Checks payable to "Collins Elementary PTA."

Order Online

Click HERE and follow the order instructions below.

QR Code

Scan the QR code with your mobile device

Order Instructions

Traditional Paper and pay by Check/Cash

  • Enter your information on order form and envelope.

  • Bring brochure to show to family and friends.

  • Enter orders on the order form at back. Receive payments via check (payable to COLLINS ELEMENTARY PTA) or cash.

  • When finished selling, tally and transfer all order data to front of the envelope. Return order form along with payment (check or cash) in envelope to the black PTA box in the office by Monday, November 14, 2022.

Online Ordering and pay by Credit/Debit Cards

  • Step 1: Visit our school ordering page (via URL or scan the QR Code)

  • Step 2: Click Register in the menu bar and fill out the easy 3 questions to register

  • Step 3: LOGIN & you can customize your super cool Fundraiser page

  • Step 4: Send emails to family & friends so they can support you & our fundraiser

Do NOT write online orders on paper form.

NOTE: No home delivery - all items ship to school


Individual Prizes based on number of items sold

BONUS: Sell 10 items and receive a free box of cookie dough!

Extra Recess with Ms. Johnson for each class with at least 50% participation.