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Collins PTA Virtual Science Event

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Collins PTA Virtual Science Event 2020-2021

Chair - Suma Bokka, Collins PTA VP Programs

Important Dates:

    • January 21 - February 22, 2021 - Use the scientific method to conduct experiments

    • February 22-28, 2021 - Submit your creations

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Congrats to all our budding scientists!

Thank you to all the students who participated in our first Cougars Creations! We have truly enjoyed seeing your great applications of the scientific method to conduct fun science experiments.

Submissions for website
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February 22 - February 28, 2021 - Submit your Cougar Creations - CLOSED - Thank you for participating!

Do you love science? Are you curious about the world around you? Do you love to experiment?

Collins Elementary PTA is proud to introduce Cougars Creations - a Collins PTA virtual science event. This is a brand new PTA program in place of the traditional Science Night. This is a fun way to learn new things. We don't have any judging or prizes. For more information or questions, email

General Information

  • The purpose of the Cougars Creations science event is to encourage and appreciate students' curiosity and interest towards the process of scientific experiments.

  • It is open to all interested students from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

  • There is no judging, awards nor prizes. All participants will receive a certificate.

  • Do not create science models/displays/dioramas/collections/habitats for display at school.

  • Students must create their own science experiment projects by following the Scientific Method: Ask a Question, Guess the answer/Make a Prediction, Research and Experiment, Observe and Collect Data, Conclude and Report.

  • The project/topic of experiment should be grade-level appropriate.

  • Participating students may get advice and help gathering materials from parents, but the experiments must be performed by the students themselves.

  • Participating students should follow appropriate safety precautions.

  • All projects must have written details including the question, hypothesis, research sources and materials, and conclusion.

  • The projects/experiments will be submitted by video, pictures, and/or digital poster attached to the completed Google form.

  • All finished projects will be submitted via the Google form between February 22-26, 2021.

Please do not approach the office staff or teachers with any questions regarding Cougars Creations. This program is organized by the Collins PTA. For any questions or communication please contact ONLY.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cougars Creations?

Cougars Creations is the name of the science event that PTA is organizing for Collins students.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Any interested students from K to 5 can participate in the Cougars Creations science event.

Do I have to register or pay money?

No registration or payment is required. It’s sponsored by PTA and FREE to participate.

How do I choose my Topic?

Choose a category that interests you. Then choose a subject within the category. The categories are:

  • Life Sciences (relating to animals, plants, humans)

  • Physical and Chemical Sciences (including chemical reactions, matter, electricity and magnetism, light and sound)

  • Earth and Space (involves earth, planets, moon, stars, space, earthquakes)

Can my parents/older siblings help me?

Parents and older siblings can give you advice or help in gathering your materials and provide general supervision. You should come up with the ‘problem’ and how to solve it.

I am a Kindergartner/1st grader, and I cannot write a scientific report. Can my family help me?

K-1 students may receive help writing the report from their parents or siblings, but it should use appropriate grade-level vocabulary.

Are models, displays, dioramas or collections allowed?

Cougar Creations is aiming on emphasizing the fun and exploration behind the scientific method. Those are great ways to showcase a specific point or fact but it is difficult to see what the hypothesis is. Take a look at the examples for ideas. If you still have questions email

When are the projects due for submission?

The finished videos/photos of posters should be uploaded via our Google Form between February 22-26, 2021.

Where should I submit my project?

Submit your project via the Google Form.

Where can I get help to choose my project?

Stumped on what to do? Click here to view some experiments ideas. You may choose one or more or come up with your own experiment. You may also check out some of the additional resources listed below