New Parents FAQ

Welcome, New Parents!

We are so glad you are here! You and your children have come to a fantastic school!

Parents, teachers and staff work together to make Collins a wonderful school. I welcome you to our school and hope that you will get involved in the many fun activities that our PTA offers. I know what it’s like to be a new parent at a school. It can be overwhelming to understand all the ins and outs of a new place! That’s why we’ve put together this welcome guide for you.

Looking forward to seeing you around!

Chanden Moya, PTA President 2020-21


How can I help my child feel more comfortable before starting the school year?

Make efforts to know your surroundings at the school grounds. Walk around the school, walk through the hallways, play in the playground, have a picnic on the grass, etc. Point out the office and the GLC (guided learning center - also the library).

When do we find out who our child’s teacher is?

Emails will be sent to all currently-enrolled families close to when school will start (early August) of when the classroom lists will be posted at school.

What is the school schedule?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: (K - 3) 8:40 am to 2:45 pm ; (4-5) 8:40 am - 3:15 pm

Tuesdays ONLY (K-5): 8:40 am to 2:10 pm

What is morning drop-off like?

  • It can seem overwhelming because it is busy! So please walk or roll to school instead of driving if possible.

  • 8:25 am is the earliest you can be on the school premises to drop off your child.

  • If you MUST drive your child to school, please aim for dropping off your child between 8:20 and 8:35 am.

  • If your child does not make it to their classroom by 8:40 am they must go to the office to fill out a tardy (truancy) slip.

When you reach the school for drop-off, follow the driving protocol:

  • Form a single line into the parking lot, do not block the intersection

  • Please patiently wait to reach the front of the line for the safety of all of our kids

  • Drive forward (NO gaps)

  • Wait for a volunteer to open the door (which will be in front of the office)



  • Once the volunteer shuts your door, say “Thank You” and leave the area immediately

  • DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR IN THE DROP OFF ZONES or staff parking (second row of parking)

  • DO NOT park your car in the staff parking (second row of parking lot) or in the clearly marked reserved parking for teachers and staff.

  • RIGHT turn ONLY out of the parking lot. This helps to continue the flow of vehicles and avoids any back up.

Better yet, walk to school or park a few blocks away and walk in. Take the opportunity to connect with your child on the walk over to school.

HINT: PICK UP is very similar! additionally:

  • If your child is not at the pick up curb when you arrive at the pick up area then you must drive around the block and come back into the school parking lot.

  • REMEMBER: RIGHT turn ONLY out of the parking lot. This helps to continue the flow of vehicles and avoids any back up.

Do I have to sell cookie dough, wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions to support PTA activities?

Not if we can help it! The PTA asks for your financial help through direct donations or other fundraising events. If we meet our fundraising goal for the year through the direct donations then we can continue on with providing more engaging events, enhanced learning equipment and experiences. If we do not meet our fundraising goal for the year through direct donations then we try to keep the fundraising activities fun and innovative as much as possible. This helps fund PTA programs such as the computer lab, art, music, teacher grants and more. We appreciate your support!

Can my student buy hot lunch?

Yes. He or she will be given their student number which is their "account" number for receiving a hot lunch. You can create and deposit money to your child's hot lunch account by visiting You can also deposit cash or check into the lunch deposit box located in the office. Make sure to fill out the blue envelope to include with your check or cash.

What should I do if I need care for my child after school?

On site we have a program run by Child Development Center (CDC). For information, please visit

There are also many after school day care programs in the neighborhood. Some of these programs that will transport children from Collins to the program site are:

  • Leapstart

  • Tulip

How do I find out what’s happening at school?

There are many ways for you to stay connected:

  • Receive the PTA email newsletter

  • Read the principal’s monthly e-newsletter (Communique)

  • Read additional reminder emails sent from Collins Elementary

  • Like us on Facebook at

  • Check out the PTA Bulletin located in the office as well as the bulletin board in the main school hallway

  • Come to the PTA meetings held on the 4th Wednesday every month starting in September at 6:30 pm (location will be either virtual and/or at the GLC)

  • Download the Google Calendar from our website so the events autofill into your family calendar

Sounds like a great school! How can I get involved?

Whether you are a full- or part-time working or a stay-at-home parent/guardian, we appreciate you giving your time and efforts to make Collins events possible! Learn more about volunteering here.


Question: How do I find out my child’s kinder teacher and see the classroom?

After you have completed your school registration you will receive information on when the kindergarten assessments will take place as well as the kindergarten orientation. The kindergarten assessments isn't a scary occasion, it is actually the opposite. It is a great opportunity for your child to show their big kid side to all the kindergarten teachers. They will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the teachers so they can get to know your child as well as your child getting to know them too.

The classroom placement list is posted just days before school starts. The day that the classroom list is posted there is a designated time that you will be allowed to visit your child’s kindergarten classroom. Meeting the teacher and visiting the classroom the day before school starts will help ease your child’s anxiety. This is a very important experience for your child.

Who helps students with their lunch?

Trained Expect Respect Agents (4th and 5th graders) and paid yard duty personnel help supervise all kindergarteners with lunch. Your child is learning to be independent and will be expected to carry his/her own lunchbox or order hot lunch, and feed him/herself. We do not heat food brought from home, so please pack lunch appropriately. Unless there is a special need you are not allowed to be present, it must be pre-approved by the school administration.

Is there a way that I can meet other kindergarten or Collins families before school starts?

This is one of our favorite questions to answer! We aim to hold a playdate with other incoming kindergarten families and "graduated" kindergarteners so that you and your family can see some familiar faces once school starts. To find out more, email